Candidates for a Night Guard

We find many patients have nighttime clenching and grinding habits as a result of stress or even sleep apnea. Other patients actually clench their teeth together during the day either at work or maybe while exercising. These habits can be very damaging to your teeth and dental work, resulting in fractured teeth, broken fillings, damaged crowns, enamel wear, and jaw pain.

To be sure that we are doing all that we can to protect your teeth, our Beckett Dental Care Dentists may recommend a custom-fitted night guard. In addition to providing protection for your teeth, a properly fitted night guard can also help relieve jaw pain, muscle spasm, and TMJ discomfort.


An NTI is a small device that covers only your top front teeth. It is made of acrylic and is designed to train your muscles to relax. The NTI will keep your teeth from touching when you are asleep making it impossible for you to clench your teeth.

Occlusal Guard

A night occlusal guard is a device that provides full coverage over your teeth to protect them from the trauma of grinding and clenching. They do not prevent clenching and grinding but serve to create a barrier so that you don’t wear your dental enamel down.