Some people who have an upcoming dentist appointment dread having to go to it. They cannot stand the thought of the bad-tasting fluoride, trying to talk with machines in their mouths, and the ear-wrenching sound of drills near their heads. Our family dentists and hygienists at Beckett Dental Care know that no one is particularly excited about coming to the dentist so they do everything they can to make the visit as comfortable as possible for you, nowadays they often put tv’s in the offices for you to watch as a distraction, they walk you through everything they need to do during your visit so there are no unpleasant surprises, and they have a wide variety of pain relief products that make procedures much less agonizing. Your dental visit to Beckett Dental Care does not have to be something you dread if you follow a few rules of thumb you can go into the office feeling confident and ready to get a healthier, pearly white smile.

1.) When scheduling your appointment

When it comes to scheduling your appointment, don’t try to go to your dentist during your one-hour lunch break and make it back to work on time. schedule your appointment at a time where you can be there for as long as the exam ends up taking, and you won’t be inconvenienced if the cleaning takes longer than expected or if the dentist finds a problem with your teeth that needs to be addressed immediately. Scheduling your appointment at the end of the day or on a day where you have nothing going on will help ease your anxiety and stress of trying to make it somewhere else right after your visit.

2.) Things to expect when the visit is for more than a cleaning

If you have had good dental reports your entire life and have never had to deal with any issues in your gums or your teeth, then you more than likely do not know what to expect from a visit that is not routine, and the unknown can be scary! A lot of people dread going to the dentist for visits that are not routine cleanings because they expect to leave the office numbed up and with a sore mouth that lasts for a few days. While that may be true of some treatments that you might have to get, the truth is that dentists have spent decades perfecting dental practices that are centered around making you as comfortable as possible. They will walk you through each step as it comes, they can give your mouth a break when you need it so you do not get tired, and they have more than one or two options for pain management in the office so you don’t end up with a numb mouth for an entire day. If you have some extensive work that had to be done, you may experience some soreness for a few days after, but even that is not something to dread as it can be managed with over the counter pain medications or something stronger prescribed to you. Your family dentist at Beckett dental care is here to make you as comfortable as possible while taking care of your oral health, so going is not something you should have to dread.

3.) After your appointment

Once the hygienists and dentists at the Beckett Dental Care office get your mouth healthy and back to a beautiful white smile, they will get you on your way after recommending some ways to take better care of your teeth. Depending on what you had done, whether it was a regular cleaning or a more invasive procedure, they will tell you how to take care of your mouth, avoid any discomfort, and will tell you when to come back to see them so that your treatment plan is comfortable for you and is the best route for your oral health!